What are Wonder mails in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

What are Wonder mails in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Wonder Mails are an iconic feature for the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, allowing you to interconnect with other players by providing a set of passwords for additional missions and items. Each Wonder Mails available will have its own set of rewards & jobs that you can redeem after inputting the password.

What is Wonder Mail and how does it work?

Wonder Mail is a way for players to give missions or rescues to other players via password. Every rescue has a Wonder Mail password written at the bottom of its description. You simply imput the code of the mission before you start the game, at the bottom of the menu and you will have the mission added to your Job List.

Can You Send Me AR generated S codes created from wondermail?

However, please don’t send me any AR generated or Wonder Mail S codes created from this generator. Still collecting Wondermail data and giving people credit for posting it.

Can I give Wonder mails to my friends?

Missions you receive from Wonder Mails are only available once per save, & cannot be reused on the same save file. They can, however, be shared by multiple players. In order to give a Wonder Mail to your friends, simply jot down the unique set of codes found at the bottom section of each rescue.

How do you use a Wonder Mail generator in Pokemon?

It is possible to use a Wonder Mail Generator to create a code for a mission for any reward, even one that could never happen in-game. For example, one could generate a code to rescue a Pokémon in Tiny Woods, the easiest dungeon, and receive the very valuable Friend Bow as a reward.

What is the Wonder Mail in DX?

A returning feature in Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX is the Wonder Mail. This feature allows for you to enter 8 digit codes to access a variety of items and missions

How do you recruit Pokemon in Mystery Dungeon WiiWare?

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (WiiWare), it is possible to automatically recruit certain Pokémon through 16-character «Pal Passwords». This uses a distinct list of valid passwords in the game’s data. Starting with Gates to Infinity, it is possible to redeem items directly through Wonder Mail by using an 8-character password.

How do you get Wonder Mail in Pokemon gates to infinity?

In Gates to Infinity, it is once again named Wonder Mail, but now only has eight characters. A sample code is shown in the Manual on the 3DS, which is «XN83N4W6», and gives the player three Reviver Seeds . In Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, Wonder Mail has 8 digits and can now be received by QR Code.