¿Qué tipos es Keldeo?

Keldeo es un Pokémon singular de tipo agua/lucha introducido en la quinta generación. Forma parte de los espadachines místicos, junto a sus maestros: Cobalion, Terrakion y Virizion.

¿Cuál es el Pokémon 647?

Desprende agua por sus pezuñas para poder deslizarse. Es especialista en atacar usando sus patas. Corre por mares, ríos o cualquier superficie acuática de todo el mundo….#647 Keldeo.

Pokémon: Potro
Color: Amarillo
Altura: 1.4 m.
Peso: 48.5 kg.

What is the best nature for Keldeo?

Also unlike other Swords Dancers Keldeo isn’t particularly afraid of priority moves as it resists most of them. Adamant is the best nature as unlike the other sets that run Speed boosting nature Swords Dance Keldeo needs all the power it can get. Aqua Jet makes up for the speed loss against most things anyway.

What is Keldeo weakness?

Yes it is a mistake on their part. They must have put Bug instead of Psychic, which is the other type Keldeo is actually weak to. All websites have mistakes sometimes, even this one 🙂 So to summarise: our Keldeo Pokedex is correct. Keldeo is weak to Electric, Grass, Flying and Psychic.

Is Keldeo a legendary?

Product description. This is a cute plush from the classic game and anime series, Pokemon! Keldeo is a legendary water/fighting type Pokemon introduced in the Sword of Justice movie. This plush showcases Keldeo in its original ordinary form.

Is Keldeo good?

Keldeo is a very good Pokemon in its own right, but there are a few support options that let Keldeo live up to its full potential. Politoed, while not mandatory, is certainly very helpful for Keldeo, as rain makes its Hydro Pump insanely powerful. Alternatively, Pursuit Tyranitar is helpful to take down Jellicent, Latias, and Latios.